PLM For Fashion

Born out of a deep understanding of apparel manufacturing and what an OEM or ODM manufacturer needs to quickly and efficiently develop and produce new styles.

Efficient Product Development

VisionPLM is a flexible, browser-based product lifecycle management solution (PLM) for garment and apparel manufacturers that streamlines and integrates the key pre-production processes required for a product to be fully approved and production ready. Supporting both ODM and OEM manufacturers, and configured to reflect industry best practice, VisionPLM provides ‘one version of the truth’: from design, material and product development (including tech packs), to sampling, approvals, costing and PO tracking.


Range/Line Planning

Flexible and highly visual range hierarchy supports fast, intuitive roll up and drill down of key range planning and budgetary information. This includes the number of targeted styles and options at different levels of the range e.g. buyer, season, department, product type, with associated target price point and margins.

Material Management

Dedicated and flexible module for managing the entire material development process, including lab dips, approvals, costing, specs, sourcing and critical path. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) allows consolidation of material demand while material supplier profiles provide a high level comparison of potential raw material and trim suppliers considering, Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), lead time, costs, etc. for better purchasing decisions.


Flexible, easy to use Cut Make Trim (CMT), Fully Factored (FF) and Open Costings, integrated to material and production operation libraries to manage both Bill of Materials (BOM) and  Bill of Labour (BOL). Full sample, Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Purchase Order (PO) management with status updates across multiple POs, including several options for seamless remote update and collaboration.

Design Integration

Bi-directional integration with Adobe illustrator (Ai) allows designers to remain focused on creative tasks in their familiar design tools, whilst updating critical style information directly into VisionPLM right from inception. Key information includes, images, size charts, Bill of Materials (BOM), Critical Path and Sample requests.

Product management

Flexible and intuitive hierarchy provides fast access to style records, which can be viewed in grid or image format to suit the user, with associated mood boards, range plans, costings and latest critical path status. With template libraries, flexible tech pack elements, multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) and full version control, VisionPLM provides everything you need to create and manage even the most detailed tech packs.

Critical Path Management

Integrated, highly visual critical path management across the end to end product lifecycle including material, style, colour and sample – even extends across Purchase Orders (POs) and Material Purchase Orders (MPOs). Seamless roll up and drill down of target versus actual critical path ensuring priorities are aligned.

Typical Benefits

2 - 5%
Speed Increase
1 - 5%
Cost reduction
10 - 30%
Efficiency Improvement