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The Sewdoo Story

Having sold numerous non-ERP software solutions to apparel manufacturers around the world, we were often asked whether we could also provide ERP to our clients. To meet this need we spent six months researching various ERP systems that were designed for apparel manufacturers, that were modern, user friendly and affordable. Whilst there were a few options that were promising we found that the more affordable options did not meet our evaluation criteria and the ones that did score higher were costly and not always user friendly. We then explored a range of generic ERP solutions to find something that met at least 80% of the needs of a typical apparel manufacturer. We concluded that Odoo, one of the most popularuser-friendly and comprehensive software suites was the closest fit, whilst providing easy customisation opportunities that allowed us to tweak it for the fashion industry. 

We then spent two years customising Odoo to meet the specific needs of apparel manufacturers whilst ensuring we maintained its user-friendly nature. Thus the Sewdoo Apparel ERP was born. We then integrated Sewdoo with a range of other industry-specific solutions to provide an end-to-end solution that rivals anything else that is available in the market. 

Whilst Sewdoo is targeted at Small and Medium sized apparel manufacturing businesses its scalable nature allows it to be used by small and large manufacturers alike. Sewdoo's user-friendliness makes it the perfect solution for businesses aiming to move from manual disconnected systems to a fully integrated ERP or follow a phased approach of implementing core features such as Inventory management, purchasing and Finance whilst later moving to other modules such as manufacturing and HRMS. By using a pre-configured solution we are able to complete most projects in 6-9 months allowing businesses to start reaping system rewards in a much shorter time. 

Sewdoo Apparel Solution Suite

Our Solutions for Apparel Manufacturers consist of Sewdoo ERP modules integrated with Best-in-Class Fashion Industry Solutions. Some of this 

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This 12-minute Video takes your through the typical business flow of an apparel manufacturer within the Sewdoo solution. 

We trust that this gives you an overview of some of the features within Sewdoo and how these relate to apparel manufacturing. We suggest that you also pay attention to  the look and feel plus user-friendliness of Sewdoo when watching the Video

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