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Software Distribution

If you are a software business wishing to expand your reach via appointing a re-seller network across the world, we understand that this can be a daunting task. From pricing strategies for different geographic locations, to partner commission program definition and partner toolkits preparation there is much to be done, even before appointing your first re-seller. If not done right, re-sellers get frustrated and don't give your product the attention it needs to succeed. 

You then need to find suitable re-sellers in different geographies and thereafter manage them, get a view of their pipeline and form a partner support team to help them succeed. We know this process can be daunting and costly, especially for newer businesses. 

We offer end-to-end distribution services where we either take over distribution for a specific region (S. Asia and other Asian countries would be our preferred region) or manage the entire distribution process for you. We also offer sales acceleration training for software businesses through our FOCUS program.

Learn more about our FOCUS program  

Worldwide Distribution

We establish a re-seller network for you and help design tiered re-seller compensation plans that help you to maximise revenue.  

Managing Re-sellers

We help manage a re-seller network by providing the necessary tools including CRM, helpdesk and online forums and training courses.

Re-seller Support

We make sure that re-sellers get all the support they need including sales support, marketing material, product training and demo models. 

Software Re-selling

We are always interested in expanding our offering to clients. If you own or distribute a unique software, especially related to Apparel Manufacturing, we would very much like to have a conversation with you. We provide services that fit your business goals and strategy. If you are looking for a simple sales partner or a complete end-to-end service provider we can adjust our resources to fit your needs.  

Sales and Marketing

We invest in Senior resources for our sales and marketing functions and ensure that the team is fully capable to independently perform all sales and pre-sales functions. 


We provide implementation services for all software that we sell. Initial projects are done jointly with you and then we implement independently.

Support and Maintenance

An online Helpdesk, Tutorials and a continuous improvement program ensures that our clients continue to get our support after project Go-live. 

Consulting and Managed Services

We are experts at selling and marketing products. Whilst our main focus is on software sales and marketing, we also offer sales and marketing advisory and management services for non-software businesses. We know that some industries require specific knowledge and expertise, which we may not have - therefore our engagement starts with a discussion about your business to evaluate how we could potentially help. If we are confident that we can make a difference, we will work with you on either a fixed price project basis or on a revenue sharing basis. We have invested in a range of software tools to help us do this in the most effective manner. Let's have a chat to see if we can help!

Sales Management

From training your sales team on the latest selling techniques, to evaluating their competencies and managing them, by providing sales toolkits.

Marketing Management

Whether it be Logo Creation or Branding, email and SMS campaigns, or managing your social media presence, we offer customised pricing plans.


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Web Services

From designing to maintaining your website to help you generate more in-bound traffic, we can make your web presence a lot more impactful.