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A complete suite of solutions to help manage and track an apparel manufacturer's factory operations. 

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Res.Q Apparel Shopfloor Solutions

Res.Q is a cloud hosted suite of solutions designed specifically for apparel manufacturers. From operator skill management to quality management Res.Q is able to improve the speed and accuracy of various activities within a typical garment factory. With the Res.Q mobile apps, factory supervisors and quality personnel always have the necessary information at their fingertips, enabling proactive, informed decision making. Res.Q apps integrate with and support each other but you don't need the entire Suite to gain benefits. 

Quality Management

RES.Q | QMS is a quality management solution, which provides decision-makers with a 360° view of product quality on the factory floor with real-time data capture and analytics to enable corrective action to be taken immediately.

Machine Inventory

Res.Q | MI is a machine management software solution, built leveraging the technology of NFC to provide management and maintenance teams with real-time insight into their entire machine management process

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Skill Matrix

RES.Q | SM is a skill management solution, built to provide management, HR and work study teams with skill competencies of their biggest assets, machine operators. Skills can be measured and updated digitally, in real-time.

Smart Line

Res.Q | SL helps IE teams digitize the process of production line planning, line balancing, and symbolic layout creation in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Through integration with MI and SM modules the IE team can understand machine availability and operator skills during the line balancing process

Fabric Inspection

Res.Q | FI was developed to be used in both Fabric mills and garment factories to digitize the entire fabric inspection process (including shade and Shrinkage). Following the “4-point” method of inspection it allows for partial inspection or 100% inspection based on the business' preference.

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Production Tracking (MES)

RES.Q | Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers multiple options such as Barcodes, QR Codes or RFID to track your production (including sub-contracted processes) in real-time. This data can be displayed on factory screens to keep workers motivated, thereby increasing productivity.