Logistics Ai

Transport Management System to help optimise your road logistics using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

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 Smart Multi-Point Delivery Optimization For All

Logistics AI is a powerful tool designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of transportation and logistics operations. It leverages advanced algorithms, data analysis, and automation to optimize the planning, execution, and management of road-based logistics activities.

We help businesses improve their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and increase overall productivity. By considering factors such as vehicle capacity, delivery time, traffic conditions, and customer requirements, the solution can generate optimised routes, load plans, and schedules.

Logistics Ai Unique Features 

Automatic Schedule Creation

The ability to input Locations, Shipments and Vehicles independently to automatically match and create optimal delivery schedules

Trend and Anomaly Analysis

Advanced AI Analytics engine that can learn and analyse trends accurately over time and detect anomalies at a granular level leading to business improvements

Routing Based on Vehicle Type

Logistics Ai calculates optimal routes based on vehicle types and will learn suitability and constraints overtime with the use of machine learning

Complex Optimisation Patterns

Complex Schedule Pattern Optimization with Vehicle Capacity (Min Drivers, Dwell times, Urban, One to Many Multi DCM, Many to Many, Collections etc.)

Accurate Cost Calculations

Use of data science and AI algorithms to calculate costs such as travel time, fuel consumption, carbon emission which are specific to that time and the day

Real-time Alerts

Our Driver Mobile app provides routes, schedules and delivery item lists for drivers and enables real-time monitoring of Vehicle location with alerts to the Control Centre if drivers stray from their designated routes.

Other Logistics Ai Features

Route Optimisation

Calculate the most efficient routes for deliveries or pickups, taking into account factors like distance, traffic congestion, and time windows. This minimises travel time, fuel consumption, and transportation costs.

Load Optimisation

Optimise the allocation of shipments to vehicles, considering weight, volume, and vehicle capacity constraints. This ensures that vehicles are loaded to their maximum capacity, reducing the number of trips and maximising resource utilization.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking and visibility of vehicles, allowing businesses to monitor the status and location of shipments. This enables proactive management of exceptions, improved customer service, and efficient resource allocation.


Automated scheduling and dispatching of vehicles and drivers, ensuring efficient coordination of operations. Considers factors such as driver availability, vehicle availability, and customer requirements to generate optimised schedules.

Driver Mobile App

The Logistics Ai Driver mobile app tells the driver where to go and we also use the GPS functionality on the Mobile phone to track the vehicle location, avoiding the need for separate GPS tracking hardware to be installed on the vehicle. 

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting capabilities. This allows businesses to gain insights into key performance indicators, track metrics, and identify areas for further improvement. We can also tweak system settings through reinforced learning.

Benefits of Logistics Ai

Cost Reduction

By optimizing routes, loads, and schedules, businesses can significantly reduce fuel costs, transportation expenses, and vehicle idle time.

Improved Efficiency

Streamlines logistics operations, resulting in faster delivery times, reduced waiting times, and increased productivity.

Enhanced Customer Service

Optimised logistics operations lead to improved on-time deliveries, better order accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Resource Optimisation

Businesses can maximise the utilisation of their fleet, drivers, and other resources, minimising waste and improving overall efficiency.