Production Planning 

Visual Drag and Drop production planning and coordination software designed specifically for Apparel, Textile and Footwear Manufacturers. 

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Dynamic Production Planning

FastReactPlan is the market-leading apparel production planning software solution, supporting a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and production plan which is optimised for delivery, speed and efficiency.

The highly visual, flexible ‘drag and drop’ approach to planning allows effective master planning across multiple factories, as well as fast, detailed and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines/machines. Critical pre-production activities and material requirements are dynamically driven by the latest plan on a LEAN ‘just in time’ basis, supporting the reduction of inventory and lead time

Core Features 

Macro Level Capacity Planning

Get an overview of factory loading and easily move orders between locations. Plan capacity reservations or customer projections where line-level planning may not be necessary. Fully synced with Line-level planning and colour-coded warnings.

Integrated Critical Path (T&A)

T&A templates by customer/lead time with task assignment to individuals or teams. Priorities driven by production plan, with a separate Critical Path Planning Board for easy updates and visualisation of delays.

Secondary Processes and Machinery

Dynamic Scheduling of Supporting Processes (e.g. Cutting, Printing, Finishing, Packing etc.) in line with the main Sewing (or Knitting/Dyeing for Textiles) plan. Also considers machinery requirements and availability to support the plan.

Quick Tools for Planners

A plethora of in-built tools to make the planners job easier. Splitting orders across multiple lines, finding and updating multiple orders, sorting plan by specific criteria and performing offline What-if scenarios are some of the tools available.


Line Level Capacity Planning

Drag-and-Drop Line-level or Machine-level (Textiles and Footwear) planning with colour-coded warnings for late delivery and critical path problems. Product type level Efficiency profiles and Learning Curves allow for more accurate planning.

Raw Materials Availability

Utilises LEAN pull system principles to dynamically link Bill of materials to the latest production plan. Optional MRP module provides full materials demand versus supply visibility by importing material stock information from ERP system. 

WIP Warnings

Import produced quantities for processes via ERP or optional Res.Q production tracking system. Proactive warnings on potential work-in-progress issues such as embroidery availability to support the sewing plan, allowing for corrective action.

In-built report designer

In addition to the standard suite of best-practice reports included with the system, the in-built report designer lets you build customised reports and export these to separate database tables, enabling population of dashboards and MIS systems. 

Advanced Optional Features

Advanced Automated Planning

Rule-based automated planning allows for automatic scheduling of orders at both Macro and Detailed planning levels. Especially useful for businesses with large order volumes with fixed rules for order allocation and scheduling.

Embellishment/Washing Planning

Semi-automated planning of multiple processes synchronised with the primary capacity plan. Use cases include planning of printing and embroidery which might be outsourced, plus wet and dry processes for denim manufacturers.  


Synchronised Multi-process planning

Detailed machine/line level planning across multiple processes. Especially useful for textile manufacturers where detailed planning is required in both knitting/weaving as well as dyeing for example. 

Materials Requirement Planning

Quantitative visibility of materials availability to support the production plan with a traffic light view. Import expected deliveries, stock levels and issued quantities of materials from ERP to view raw material status within the planning board.

Why FastReactPlan?


Key planning constraints of capacity, materials and pre-production critical path are dynamically managed in a single, highly visual and intuitive solution.


The market-leading apparel production planning and control solution. 500+ clients in 40+ countries, 2,000+ factories planned on FastReactPlan.


Developed and Delivered by industry experts, the highly visual, easy to use interface supports rapid user adoption and accelerated business benefits.


Proven to deliver significant, measurable, sustainable improvements in productivity, OTDP, cost and lead time, with a typical ROI of less than 12 mont​hs

Typical Business Benefits

03 - 10%
Increase in Productivity

10 - 30%

OTDP Improvements

10 - 30%

Reduction in Lead Times