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A range of applications designed to improve your business' overall productivity through digitisation, automation and communication 

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Productivity Apps


Enhance team communications with group and private live chat, directly within Odoo. Create Channels for specific topics and groups for team chat. Choose how you want notifications to be handled, add followers to tasks, schedule activities, send messages and notifications, and chat, all from one single screen. See what colleagues are up to and how quickly they can respond to messages by checking their status and stay connected with them and partners throughout applications.

Create public groups and build-up mailing lists to manage newsletters and community mailings. Announce big changes in the company, the release of new products, or other important news to your wide audience and followers. In just one click, visitors subscribe with their email address to be added to your database.


Get rid of manual documents and signatures with Odoo Approvals. Digitise your approval process by selecting a person who needs to approve each request, even if it's not a manager.

Do you need an accountant's and a manager's approvals? You can decide whether you want both to request any type of approval.

The management of your requests are made easy; travel, office supplies, payments, all request submissions can be created, validated, or declined in seconds from your approval dashboard.

The approver receives a notification in the chatter and can review the request and approve or reject it by sending it back for changes. 


Gather Knowledge, expand it as a team. Start collaborating with your team, by sharing information. Use it as a reference guide for important company information, SOPs and policies.

Create templates that are re-usable across the business and accessible via other Odoo Apps and insertable. Terms and conditions on your Purchase orders? No problem, simply create a template and insert it. 

Create your own personal dashbaord. Get a clear and optimal view of everything that matters to you at once.

In Knowledge, you can filter and regroup views in other apps, then import them into one article.


A self-service booking system that works online for 24/7. Let your clients schedule appointments for themselves at their convenience (even outside business hours!) straight into your calendar. Embed your meeting links on your website, in your email signature, or through social media and watch your schedule fill up effortlessly.

Set your working hours day by day and customize time-slot intervals for maximum flexibility. Synchronize your agenda with Google Calendar to block availability simultaneously and in real-time when events are created.

Send automated email/SMS reminders to make sure that your clients won't forget their appointment. Allow them to add the meeting to their calendar in one click. If they cannot make it, they can still reschedule based on your availability!